Yahoo answers answers and comments for feeling guilty but not guilty for casual sex singles –

Yahoo answers answers and comments for feeling guilty but not guilty for casual sex singles – - City Dating
Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Feeling Guilty but Not Guilty for Casual Sex? Singles – Dating, casual dating yahoo answers.

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I’ll just stick w/ the original question, because I could go on and on about there being no “wrong”. Sex without marriage or at least a serious relationship is bad, because of of course the normal reasons. pregnancy STDs, but also recent studies have found a chemical in the human brain that is released when physically intament w/ a partner. What this chemical does is not just increases your want to have sex, but it also bonds you to that person. It makes you more in love w/ that person more than just sex. It makes you committed to them. It gives you a sense responsibility to that person. All these things are important parts of marriage, but the catch to this is that the more people you have sex with the less effect the chemical has on you. Till it has no effect at all. That is why I believe God said save sex for marriage. I believe God has a purpose in EVERY THING he tells us to do. This is a very good example scientist have just recently found this out, but He has been telling us for thousands of years. There’s always a purpose. There’s always a plan. From 匿名: Finding for free Casual Dating Site? Register . > >

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Finding for free Casual Dating Site? Register 100% FREE here: confirm your e-mail to have full rights available. A casual sexual relationship, casual romantic relationship, or casual dating, is a physical along with emotional relationship between two people and also require casual sex or any near-sexual relationship without always demanding or expecting the additional commitments of a more formal marriage. Motives for casual associations vary. There are major gender and cultural dissimilarities in acceptance of as well as breadth of casual interactions, as well as throughout regrets about action/inaction throughout those relationships. A casual relationship may be part-time, or for a limited time. It may or may not entail partner-exclusivity. In just about every case, the relationship’s dominance inside lives of those involved is being voluntarily limited, and there can be quite a sense that the relationship is supposed to endure only provided both parties wish it to. Casual relationships occasionally include mutual support, affection and enjoyment, which underpin other styles of loving relationship. [citation needed] People in a informal sexual relationship are sometimes called “friends with benefits”, nevertheless the terms may differ in this the latter term carries less of the implication of relations beyond sexual acts. A one-night stand can be different, as a casual sex relationship extends beyond 1 sexual encounter. To the extent that casual sex over and above casual relationships includes informal sexual contact, the casual sex is usually focused on fulfilling sexual desires rather than romantic/emotional needs. From 匿名: its not sinful > >

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its not sinful From Wildflower: Do you still believe in God? If so, pray to Go. > >

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Do you still believe in God? If so, pray to God and ask Him for guidance. I am Catholic myself, and I went to a Catholic college, and the priests there were very cool and “with it.” They often preached about why casual sex and random hookups were bad. It’s not because you need to keep yourself pure or because having fun is a sin; but because when you have casual sex with someone, you are using each other as toys for your physical pleasure rather than treating them as human being with emotions; and that is not how Jesus wants us to treat each other. Jesus wants everything that we do to be about love, and casual sex is not about love. It’s nearly impossible to have sex with someone without getting emotionally attached to him. Sure, the sex feels good now, but will you be able to handle it if Russell started sleeping with another woman? Or if he suddenly decided he didn’t want to see you anymore? Besides the church’s teaching, there are also biological reasons to avoid casual sex. When you have sex with someone, the body releases chemicals that make you develop strong feelings for that person, and can sometimes cloud your better judgment and make you feel that what you are doing is “right” and that you and the other person are “meant to be together.” That is why it is a bad idea to have sex with someone if you are not in a committed relationship. I also have a huge problem with Russell’s belief that nothing is intrinsically good or bad. That is completely false. Is he saying that murder isn’t bad? That bullying and beating people up is bad? It seems that your relationship with Russell is not healthy and he is turning you away from your relationship with God, which is the most important relationship in your life. I recommend that you pray about it. Is there a Newman club or a Catholic group on campus? If so, I also recommend that you get involved with them and attend mass on campus if you can. If they offer weekend retreats for students, sign up for one. Talk to a priest or a spiritual director about your feelings and emotions. Remember God is merciful and will forgive your transgressions if you are truly repentant. Good luck! From dianee: dont beat yourself up about this. there is not. > >

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dont beat yourself up about this. there is nothing wrong with having sex. youre an adult and can make your own decisions. whether you want to have a one night stand or wait until youre married, its your choice. if your friends want to pass judgement, so be it. i wouldnt be friends with someone who didnt accept me for me. what you do in the bedroom (so to speak) has nothing to do with who you are as a person/friend. i say, if it feels good and youre being smart, careful, using protection so as not to have an unwanted pregnancy or disease, then go for it. and as far as confession, im not religious so telling a stranger behind a curtain just doesnt make sense to me. good luck.

Casual dating yahoo answersYahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Feeling Guilty but Not Guilty for Casual Sex? Singles – Dating, casual dating yahoo answers.

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